Proven FTL & LTL Freight Service

At Billion Courier Logistics, we value our drivers as much as we as we care for our customers, and as such, we are always ahead of the game – our drivers are equipped with the best equipment in the trade and are always ready to make your delivery happen! Billion Courier Logistics is fully equipped with a fleet of 13 trucks and vans, with certified drivers ready to attend to your shipping needs! Our domestic trucking services are available for both local and long-haul delivery requirements, for full truck loads (FTL), less than a truck load (LTL), refrigerated cargo, as well as for container and vehicle moving. Not to mention, we have expedited services available and provide Canada and Mexico service areas upon request. With contracts and agents nationwide, we are the one-stop solution for your custom trucking needs!

  • Low operational costs
  • Optimization Programs
  • Careful handling of valuable goods
  • Employers uniform standards
  • Minimal processing times
Why Choose Billion Courier Logistics For Your FTL & LTL Freight Needs?

Next time you see a massive 18-wheeler trucking by while you’re sitting in traffic, or if you’re at the local grocery store and take notice of a truck docking in the delivery bay, don’t just think of it as a vehicle delivering the products that stock the shelves of your local consumer stores, but remember that the trucking industry a vital machine that spurs our nation’s economic growth.

Ground freight makes the world go round… Well, at least the delivery world. Less trucks on the road would increase the prices for all of our favorite consumer goods and result in slower delivery times. If trucking was removed altogether, then it would be impossible for our special deliveries to even arrive at our doorsteps!

Dependable Ground Freight, Trucking, and Delivery Services

Trucking places driver and motorist safety first by providing continuous driver training and student education programs, and the freight services industry continues to maintain their emphasis on safety prioritization. Recently, a new ELD law that was passed and became effective December 16, 2015 requires that all trucks have installed electronic logging systems in places, which ensure the safety of drivers by preventing the dangers of having tired truck drivers on the road.


Our Ground Service Includes:

  • FTL, LTL, and Rail Services
  • Consolidated Courier
  • Hand Carries & Dailies
  • Pickups and Deliveries
  • Temperature Controlled Shipping
  • Domestic Ground Freight