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Frontal Express provides a number of transport services to customers around the world. Please refer to our Services page for more information.

To find out if your shipment has been delivered, who signed for it and other tracking information just type in your Frontal Express consignment number on the Track and Trace page.

Your satisfaction is of utmost importance to us. Please contact us to submit a Complaint form.

No. Please do not bring your parcel to a Frontal Express depot as we are unable to accept packages in this way. If your parcel was not collected on the specified date, please contact us.

We calculate both the actual physical weight and the volumetric weight of your shipment. The higher of the two determines the price. To determine volumetric weight, first calculate the volume of your package and then multiply this figure by the relevant conversion factor. See Calculating Volumetric Weight for details.

Your satisfaction is of utmost importance to us. If you believe your consignment has been lost please contact us to submit a complaint form to initiate the process to locate your items.

Frontal Express operates an 'unknown shipper policy' for first-time customers. If you are shipping with Frontal Express for the first time, your parcel needs to be left open for inspection by our driver to ensure the content is acceptable for transport through the Frontal Express network. All parcels may be subject to security screening. This may include the use of x-ray, explosive trace detection and other security screening methods. Please note that any shipment may be opened by government agencies (such as customs, border security, or police) while in the care of Frontal Express. Frontal Express has no control over these requests.
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